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• Terms of Services •

please read carefully before commissioning

How to order

  • if commissions are opened , contact me
    ( by Email or DMs or my website ) and fill out the form.


  • I accept Paypal Only
    (there's around an %8 paypal tax fee with every commission)


  • Payments are upfront. I won’t start your commission until I receive your payment.

  • After confirming the order I will send you the invoice


  • Once payment is complete I'll start working and sending multiple updates ( you can also check the waitlist for recent updates )

  • a commission will probably take around 4 weeks to +6 months depending on how complicated the commission is, if it took more than that and a sketch hasn't been started yet, then you can request a refund

  • after the commission is started, only small changes are allowed to be made in the sketch phase ( any great changes will come with extra charges )

  • you will receive the full-sized illustration without a watermark



  • I'm a slow artist and I have chronic illnesses so i really appreciate your patience.

  • I am allowed to post and stream the artworks on my social media ( unless stated in the request )

  • You must credit me for the art or design and not claim it as your own

  • You can ask for a WIP but please don't spam or ask for updates every day ( you can check my Trello instead )

  • PSD files are charged extra (excluding Vtuber Models)

  • All prices are in USD

  • All commissions have 2 revisions only
    (it's extra charged after the second revision and prices vary depending on the commission type )


  • Character limit is 3 only


  • No refunds at all. so please bid-buy-commission seriously or you'll be blacklisted and forbidden
    to ever commission me ever again and Your name will be publicly posted


  • I have the right to decline or cancel your commission and refund the money at anytime

  • if a sketch has started there is no refund and
    "I changed my mind " is not accepted as a reason



  • Females

  • Males ( pick-and-choose )

  • Original characters

  • Fanarts


  • Realism

  • Mecha or Armor

  • Old or Buff people

  • Explicit nsfw or Gore

  • Animals ( cute and simple ones are ok )

Commercial use

  • The prices shown are the base prices for NON-COMMERCIAL use

  • Commercial commissions are roughly 2x the price or more

  • You cannot make changes to the commission on your own or edit it

  • I must be credited for the art and the ownership
    of it

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